Private Real Estate & Equity

Real Estate

Unique Opportunities

For clients looking for something different, SilverRock Wealth Partners offers unique and exclusive private real estate investment opportunities. Currently, SilverRock and our clients are involved in a number of high profile real estate opportunities here in Charlotte and nationally.

Equity & Debt

Exciting Investments

SilverRock provides private equity/debt investment opportunities to our clients. Our equity endeavors include investing in promising start ups as well as private companies as they build and grow.

Why Private?


While SilverRock Wealth believes strongly in traditional investments, we value the opportunity to branch out and utilize unique real estate and debt/equity investments as a way to build client wealth.


We’ve worked hard to build strong local, regional and national relationships that give our clients exclusive access to real estate and equity investments.


Our real estate opportunities help to diversity a portion of our clients’ portfolios away from the market. As well as providing them a current strain of income.


Our clients enjoy taking part in the variety of industries for which SilverRock has access. From restaurants to hotels to start ups, these investments are an opportunity to be a part of exciting new industries.