Experienced Athlete Wealth Management

We make the best use of your financial resources so you can focus on what’s most important today and be prepared for whatever comes tomorrow.

What is the Avg. Career Window for Pro Athletes?



MLB = 5.6 years

NFL = 3.3 years

NBA = 4.8 years*

How Many Athletes Find Themselves in Financial Distress?


78% of NFL players are either in bankruptcy or “financial” distress” within 2 years of retiring. 60% of NBA players are bankrupt within 5 years of retirement.*

What are the Most Common Reasons for Money Problems?



1. Frivolous Spending

2. Bad Investments

3. Misplaced Trust*



SilverRock assists our athlete clients with cash flow management and budgeting while accounting for large ticket items like home purchases and vacations. 


Using traditional and exclusive investment opportunities, we create strategies that leverage those high earning years. It’s this type of strategy that will build long-term wealth.


Using SilverRock Wealth’s tax-aware financial plans, investment strategies and risk management, our clients are able to keep as much of their wealth as possible.


How long will that money last? With a uniquely short career span, it’s important that we construct a strategy today that builds for a lucrative post-sports career life.


One of the great joys of accumulating wealth is the ability to make a difference and leave a legacy. SilverRock Wealth ensures our clients’ goals of giving back are realized.    

Your Goals Are Our Goals

SilverRock Wealth Partners takes a 360-degree approach to understanding, implementing and monitoring the unique financial situation of our athlete clients. Because professional athletes typically come into large sums of money at a very young age and will earn the majority of their lifetime earnings before the age of 35, it’s vital that we capitalize on their earning window and build them a plan that will lead to a lifetime of wealth. CEO Derek Copeland is a registered NFLPA and well-versed in professional athlete wealth management.


SilverRock currently assists MLB, NFL, NHL and Nascar athletes at various stages of their professional career.